We offer a web application designed for Departmental and Project Management Control, under the SaaS service model, Software as a Service or Software as a Service. This cloud-based service model allows you to connect to the application using any Internet browser compatible with the services and we take care of all the maintenance of the tool, as well as the safeguard and data security.


Common: Management of general elements that are used in platform applications.

Core: Security management, access control and work contexts, for the entire platform.

Entities: Management of the unique registration of contacts and organizations.

Quotations: Management of offers, proposals and price inquiries.

Projects: Management of the administrative aspects of the projects.

Work: Management of the hours used in projects and units.

MetOcean: Measurement management in buoy and submerged instrument installations, with real-time information. And visualization of predictions and records of meteorological and oceanographic variables.


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