Geotechnical investigation in earth and ocean coast, in someras and deep waters, and geotechnical engineering.



Land geotechnics

Perturbed and unperturbed soil and rock boring and sampling.

SPT and CPTU tests.

Laboratory analysis of collected samples.


Shallow water geotechnics

Soil and rock boring and sampling from jack-up or floating platforms. SPT and CPTU tests.

Shallow bottom sampling using gravity corers and clamshells.

Laboratory analysis of collected samples.


Deep water geotechnics

DP and 4-point mooring vessels.

Soil and rock boring using wireline tools.

CPTU using wireline tools down to 600 m water depth. Wheel-drive CPT down to 3000 m water depth.

Bottom sampling using gravity corers, vibro-corers for consolidated sea bottoms, and box-corers for shallow unperturbed samples.

Onboard geotechnical laboratory for real-time characterization, analysis e interpretation of field-collected samples.


Geotechnical engineering

Analysis, interpretation and integrated reporting of field and laboratory tests. Foundation design and recommendations.

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