Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo.


Montevideo, Uruguay





The beaches, Honda, Brava and Ramirez, located on the seafront of the O'Higgins Boulevard in Montevideo, have been presenting a slow but systematic erosive process in recent decades. The fundamental objective of this project is the Engineering of solutions to prevent the problems caused by the sand loss of the beaches. The first stage of this study was the analysis of the existing coastal morphodynamics in the coastline sector that could have some influence on the beaches littoral processes.

The alternatives were based on the results of wave studies, evaluation of the historical evolution of the Montevideo coast sector, the results of the fieldwork and the diagnosis of the current situation. Among the options to solve or mitigate the problems of these beaches, sand spills are proposed and coastal shore construction, whose design, both geometric as well structural, will be basically determined by the characteristics of the braking wave and the tide oscillation.


Definition of the design waves for: Sedimentary processes on the beaches. Structural design of the works. Constructive methods Calculation of propagation of the design waves (Refraction, Diffraction and Breaking) by means of the mathematical model STWAVE. Calculations of coastal transport magnitudes and morphological evolution of the coast. Diagnosis of Coastal Morphodynamics of the sectors under study. Approach and analysis of the solution options. Engineering of the option selected in each site.

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