Instituto Nacional de los Espacios Acuáticos. INEA


Araya's Peninsula, Sucre State, Venezuela





The National Institute of Aquatic Spaces (INEA), is promoting, along with other governmental institutions, the development of a deep water port in the vicinity of Manicuare, Peninsula Araya, Edo. sucre. This port will allow the handling of the cargo that has origin and destination in the basic companies of the CVG located in the state Bolivar, as well as the zone of influence of the east and south of Venezuela.

As part of the studies carried out to configure a feasible engineering proposal that will guarantee the development of this important project, the compilation and collection of useful environmental information was required, both for the design and construction phase and for the partner management phase. environmental of the same. In particular, emphasis was placed on information on the marine environment in the Manicuare area and in the Gulf of Cariaco, seeking to obtain information that would support solid arguments regarding the benefits or environmental importance of the project.

The following were considered for this study:

Area of Influence on the natural physical environment and on the socioeconomic and cultural environment.

Characterization of the physical environment: Meteorology, geology, geomorphology, outcrops in the project area, soil seismicity, hydrology, oceanographic aspects, quality of marine waters, sediment quality.

Characterization of the biological environment: Terrestrial environment and marine environment.

Characterization of the socioeconomic environment: Administrative political context and characteristics of the regional environment. Demographic aspects and service infrastructure. System of populated centers and relations of spatial functionality. Economic activities, institutional presence in the area. Ground uses.

ABRAE and spatial planning. Historical-cultural aspects. Archaeological and patrimonial aspects.


Terms of reference (TOR). Complementary environmental information (Marine environmental aspects and the subsea area). Environmental Impact Assessment (EA)

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